Multitronic MT-3

Universal multi-current electrostimulator


Multitronic MT-3 allows performing treatments with the following current types:
- interferential currents: classic, isoplanar, pre-modulated, interrupted
- diadynamic currents according to Bernard - type DF, MF, RS, MM, CP, LP - with sequence setting
- medium frequency pulsed currents modulated in triangle, rectangle, trapezium and sinus, each unipolar and bipolar - for flaccid paralysis stimulation
- spastic paralysis stimulation in double channel mode (tonolysis according to Hufschmidt and Jantsch)
- TENS (with random modulation option)
- TENS BURST (with random modulation option)
- HV stimulation (high voltage)
- current of Kotz (Russian stimulation) (standard and regulated)
- current of Traebert (Ultra Reitz) (2-5) (standard and regulated)
- faradic and neofaradic
- galvanic current
- iontophoresis

Special features

- modern design with possibility of the customer selected colour version
- Exceptionally user friendly Lemo-type cable connection
- Pre-recorded ready-to-use parameter sets for typical cases (over 100 items)
- Individual regulation of treatment parameters
- Setting of diadynamic currents sequence
- Memory for up to 50 user defined parameter sets
- Two treatment circuits (independent volume regulation)
- User friendly electro-diagnostics (I/t curv points, automatic calculation of coefficients); last used data is stored in the memory
- Electro-gymnastics mode with wide regulation
- Big screen -alows easy readout
- Detection and signalling of breaks in the output circuits
- Counters of treatment time and the number of treatments

Main current types

Diadynamic currents (according to Bernard) may be used for treatment of:
- pain syndromes connected with spine degeneration
- neuropains
- periarticular inflammation
- joint degeneration
- vascular illnesses
- atrophy of muscles
- zoster

Interferential currents may be used for:
- treatment of pain syndromes of motor system
- muscle stimulation at simple atrophy, paralyses, paresis, contracture
- sportsmen exercise of muscle strength
- joint degeneration treatment
- increasing of efficiency of peripheral circulation
- post-traumatic treatments of joint distortions, soft tissue bruises

Flaccid paralysis stimulation with medium frequency amplitude modulated pulse currents may be used for:
- stimulation of peroneal, radial, facial, ulnarmedian, tibial, musculo-cutanous, femoral and other nerves
- stimulation of simple atrophy
- sportsmen exercise of muscle strength

Spastic paralysis stimulation (tonolysis) is performed in the double channel mode, according to parameters given and proved by Hufschmidt and Jantsch.. The tonolyses procedure helps in the treatment of patients in the following situations: after cerebral stroke, after brain neurosurgical procedures, with multiple sclerosis, after spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy.

TENS stimulation is used for:
- selective anti-pain treatment
- treatment of poorly healing wounds
- for stimulating the union of fractured bones
- muscle stimulation.

HV (high voltage) current resembles TENS stimulation. It gives strong effects in anti-pain treatment, speeds up the resorption of oedema and helps the treatment of poorly healing wounds. It is particularly effective in the muscle stimulation of children and those of people sensitive to current treatment.

The Kotz current (Russian stimulation) is used for:
- rebuilding muscle tension after injury or operation
- increasing muscle strength (in rehabilitation and sport)
- restoration of correct proportions in distribution of tonic or phasic muscle fibre

Traebert current (Ultra Reiz)(2-5) gives good effects in stimulation of both the motor system and the vegetative nervous system. Selective segmental stimulation of this type:
- constrains the sympathetic nervous system
- relaxes spinal muscles
- diminishes pain conduction
It is used in treatment of different pain syndromes and peripheral circulation disturbances.

Iontophoresis is a electro-medical procedure of inserting ions of medicines through means of direct current. Depending on agent used it helps for example in:
- inflammatory states
- pain syndromes
- neuralgia
- difficulties in bone tissue adhesion
- ulcer

Galvanization is a healing procedure, based on the DC current flow through body parts. This method is used for treating:
- neuralgia
- polyneuropathy
- spine degeneration pains
- peripheral circulation disorders
- difficulties in bone tissue adhesion

Electro-gymnastics is a procedure of cyclic interruption of other currents. The modulation can be regulated from triangle through trapezium to rectangle. The main application is in gymnastics of healthy muscle of sportsmen.

Technical data

interference current frequency 1-200 Hz
interference current (RMS) 0-60 mA
galvanic current (average) 0-50 mA
diadynamic current  
current at DF (average) 0-30 mA
current at MF (average) 0-15 mA
TENS and HV frequency 1-200 Hz
TENS and HV pulse time 50-250 µs
TENS, HV, KOTZ, Ultra Reiz, faradic currents (peak) 0-100 mA
medium frequency pulsed currents  
pulse time 5-990 ms
break time 100-4000 ms
delay time 5-150 ms
current (peak) 0-100 mA
Power supply 230V / 50Hz / 50VA
Weight 2.5 kg


Set of electrodes, pads, fixing straps, connecting wires, user"s manual, spare fuse