Lasertronic LT-3
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Lasertronic LT-3

Multi-probe biostimulating laser
LASERTRONIC LT-3 is modern, microprocessor-controlled bio-stimulating laser.

Main features

  • Microprocessor-controlled biostimulating laser
  • Big, color graphic screen (4,3”) with touch pael
  • User-friendly operation
  • Ergonomic laser probes
  • Ready-to-use programs for typical illnesses
  • User"s own programs may be saved (nice screen keyboard for doing it)
  • Individual regulation of all treatment parameters
  • Modern design of main unit and probes
  • Counters of time and number of treatments
  • Repeat dose function
  • Sensor for power check of probes
  • May be used as portable


Stimulating effects of lasers
a) on connective tissues
- blood vessels expansion, improvement of microcirculation, facilitation of collateral circulation, facilitation in resorption of swellings and exudates
- acceleration of epidermization, stimulation of forming granulation
- strengthening of tissues by improvement of collagen synthesis
- growth of osteoblast activity and facilitation of callus formulation
b) on immunity system
- limitation of antigen perception by lymphocytes T (better transplant tolerance)
- stimulation of macrophages migration
c) anti-pain effects
- amplification of endorphin secretion
-influence on alteration of concentration of transmitters in synapses
- hyperpolarisation of nerve cell membranes
- stimulation of regeneration of peripheral axons after nerve damage
- efficient redistribution of protons" energy to neutral acupuncture points

NOTE! There are no significant side effects of biostimulating laser therapy either publicised or known.

Optional accessories

Optional laser probes can be chosen separately according to user"s needs. Protective eyewear for all related wavelengths.

Available laser probes

Type of probe Parameters Modes of work
S-1N - point IR 50mW / 905nm impulse – high power impulse (50W)
S-2N - point R 40mW / 660nm constant and modulated with average power regulation
S-3N - point IR 400mW / 808nm constant and modulated with average power regulation
SP-1 - cluster R 360mW / 660nm constant and modulated with average power regulation
SP-2 - cluster R&IR 840mW / 660nm & 808nm constant and modulated with average power regulation
SP-3 - cluster IR 1440mW / 808nm constant and modulated with average power regulation

Technical data

Treatment clock 1 s. - 99 min
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz / 50 VA
Dimensions 335 x 270 x 125 mm
Weight 2.5 kg

Technical data of point probes

Type of probe S-1N S-2N S-3N
Wavelength 905 nm 660 nm 808 nm
Pulse power 50 W: 40 mW 400 mW
Frequency 5-5000Hz 5-9999Hz 5-9999Hz
Mean power (0,1–50)mW (1-40)mW (1-400)mW
Pulse energy 10 µJ ---- ----
Width of pulse 200ns ---- ----

Technical data of cluster probes

Type of probe SP-1 SP-2 SP-3
Wavelength 660 nm 660 nm / 808 nm 808 nm
Number of diodes 9 5 / 4 9
Single diode power 40 mW 40 mW / 160 mW 160 mW
Total power 360 mW 840 mW 1440 mW
Frequency 5-9999Hz 5-9999Hz 5-9999Hz
Area of treatment 50 cm2 50 cm2 50 cm2