Magnetronic MF-24

Duo-therapy unit for magnetotherapy and lasertherapy


Multichannel unit for magnetotherapy and lasertherapy


- 5 treatments simultaneously!.
The unit has innovative control system, every applicator has its own treatment clock and may be turned on and off independently from others. It allows starting 4 magnetotherapy treatments (2 per channel) and 1 lasertherapy treatment (3 channels and 5 treatment clocks in all).
- 2 independent magnetotherapy channels – with separate parameter setting
- Every magnetotherapy channel has connections for 2 applicators
- Independent lasertherapy channel – for treatments with laser probe


- Modern control unit enclosure
- Unique design of applicators
- The whole set makes a magnificent appearance
- Optional color adjustment to one’s needs

User friendliness

-Big, color graphic screen (5,7”) with touch panel.
- Ready to use programs for typical illnesses.
- User’s own programs – for therapist’s own most used treatment parameters.
- Personalized regulation of all treatment parameters in a given channel.
- Operation by touch screen and buttons.

Additional advantages

- Wide frequency range of magnetic field: 1 - 100Hz
- Special programs MX1 and MX2 – automatic modulation change
- Low weight of the control unit
- Automatic applicator type detection
Power regulation of the laser probe in wide range from 1 to 400mW

Unit data

Magnetic field frequency 1 – 100 [Hz]
Magnetic field intensity change 0 – 20 [mT]
Impulse / break time 0,5 – 8 [s]
Power supply 230V / 50Hz / 400W
Weight of control unit 6,2 kg
Dimensions of control unit 142 x 364 x 335 [mm] [height, width, depth]
Shapes of magnetic field modulations sinus, rectangle, triangle – unipolar and bipolar
  MX1 – change of modulation in sequence, at constant frequency
  MX2 – change of modulation in sequence, at alternating frequency

Laser probe data (S3-N probe – optional accessory)

Wavelength 810nm
Mean power 400mW
Frequency 5 – 9999Hz
Mean power regulation range 1 – 400mW

Accessories (optional)

Reel applicators of various dimensions, flat applicators, a patient couch or a lift for the big applicator, moveable tables for applicators and control unit, laser probe, protective eyewear (for laser).