Magnetronic MF-8

Portable magnetotherapy unit
Portable magnetotherapy unit

Low frequency pulsed magnetic field of high induction. Specialized device for head, joints and other small areas treatment. Can easily be taken to the patient"s house in transport bag.


Magnetronic MF-8 is specially designed for treatment of head, joints and smaller areas when very deep penetration of magnetic field is not necessary. It offers exactly the same modulation modes at much lower cost comparing to larger devices. Nevertheless the induction value is still high (up to 8 mT / 80 Gauss).

It makes MF-8 especially effective in various laryngological diseases. AST-1 stand applicator is prepared for easy placement of generators around the head. It improves efficiency when used for treatment of:
- Chronic nasal sinus inflammation
- Temporomandibular joint inflammatory state
- Acute tonsillitis
- Migraine
- Trigeminal neuralgia

Comparatively low weight of the device allows usage of MAGNETRONIC MF-8 as portable equipment, a feature which is hardly imaginable when using larger devices for this kind of therapy.

MAGNETRONIC MF-8 is a device used for low frequency pulsing magnetic field therapy. Under the influence of the magnetic field, the body cell ions translocate, causing hyperpolarization of cell membrane, which intensifies metabolism, especially during energetic processes. It increases oxygen utilisation in body cells. Cell blood supply, increased by the activity of the magnetic field, results in rising of oxygen potential pressure.

Comparing to the electrotherapy with interference, diadynamic, pulse or other currents, that influence mainly the surface and only cells with good electric conductivity and cause relatively dangerous body warming, magnetotherapy presents serious advantages, such as:
- magnetic field equally penetrates all parts of human body
- treatments can be done through clothes, gypsum, bandages etc. - which do not obstruct the magnetic field
- metal is not an obstacle in the treatment
- wide range of recommendations resulting from high effectiveness of this therapy both for bones and for connective tissues
- magnetotherapy is a non-thermal method
- there are no known side effects in magnetotherapy, even when overdosed

Medical practice proves that magnetotherapy may be used with wide security margin when other physiotherapy treatments are contraindicated.

Positive results are obtained in many motoric system diseases, such as: prolonged wound and fracture healing, contusions, dislocations, sprains, ligament and tendon injuries, Sudeck syndrome, osteoporosis, post-operational states, including joint prosthesis implantation.

Good effects are also observed in treating of nerve system diseases, like: neuralgia, neuroma, peripheral nerve and nerve plexus operations, phantom limb pains. Magnetic field therapy has positive influence in immunological system and very strong anti-pain effect, yet still the treatment itself is non-contact and non-pain inducing.

It also may be used in prolonged wound and fracture healing, headaches, acute and chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. Very good results are observed in treatment of peripheral circulatory disturbances.

Technical data

Magnetic field frequency 1 – 50 [Hz]
Magnetic field intensity change 0 – 8 [mT]
Impulse / break time 0,5 – 8 [s]
Power supply 230V / 50Hz / 50VA
Weight of control unit 2,5 kg (without accessories)
Dimensions of control unit 160 x 290 x 260 [mm] [height, width, depth]
Shapes of magnetic field modulations sinus, rectangle, triangle – unipolar and bipolar
  MX1 – change of modulation in sequence, at constant frequency
  MX2 – change of modulation in sequence, at alternating frequency


AST-1 double-coil applicator, APE-2 flat elastic applicator.