Sonotronic US-2

Ultrasound therapy device

Modern ultrasound therapy unit


  • Big, color graphic screen (4,3”) with touch panel.
  • User-friendly operation by touch screen and buttons.
  • Double-frequency probes:
    1MHz and 3,3MHz in 5cm2 or 1cm2 size
  • Continuous and pulsed work mode
  • Two ergonomic handle versions
  • Water-resistant probes
  • Regulation of impulse duty factor is smooth or discreet
  • Sound and visual signal of contact of the probe with patient
  • Ready to use programs for typical illnesses
  • User’s own programs – with easy to use screen keyboard
  • Counters of number and time of treatments


      Ultrasound therapy may be used for treatment of:

  • degenerative joint diseases
  • pain syndromes
  • post-traumatic states, fractures, contusions
  • ulceration, scars
  • contracture
  • inflammatory states
  • rheumatic diseases
  • neuralgia, neuritis
  • selected internal diseases


  • therapy gel
  • User’s manual
  • spare fuse
  • ultrasound heads:
  • SU-5: 5cm2 area; 1MHz and 3,3MHz frequency
  • SU-1: 1,33cm2 area; 1MHz and 3,3MHz frequency
  • transportation bag


Ultrasound parameters
continuous power 2,5W/cm2
peak pulse power 3W/cm2
radiation frequency 1MHz or 3,3MHz
pulse frequency 10-150Hz
duty factor  
smooth: 5 – 100%, one step 5%
discreet: 6,25%; 12,5%; 25%; 50%
Other parameters  
treatment clock 1 sec - 30 min
power supply 1-phase net ~230V 10%, 50Hz, 50VA
electric safety class I type B
ambient temperature 10°C - 40°C
relative humidity do 85%
dimensions 335 x 270 x 125 mm
weight (of control unit) 2.5 kg